Welcome to Streeting Design

Launched in early 2015, Streeting Design is an independent full-service commercial design studio, focusing on creating visuals and telling stories that will stand the test of time, based on extensive research, a strong point of view, and years of experience. Founded by Dan Streeting, the studio is largely dedicated to helping passionate businesses, start-ups, arts organizations, and cultural groups communicate powerfully, effectively, and professionally, all while standing out from the crowd.

November 2016 - Wrigley Field World Series

ESPN asked me to design a poster to commemorate the Chicago Cubs reaching the 2016 World Series. I created an axonometric illustration of the historic Wrigley Field stadium, surrounded by its iconic rooftop bleachers and architectural curiosities.

11" x 17" prints are available directly from the Streeting Design store here. Printed on a beautifully textured thick matte card stock, the posters are shipped flat and are accompanied by a set of Streeting Design postcards.

June 2015 - Texture Mapping

I recently took a short break from client work and other ongoing stuff to work on a research project, which explores the overlaps between graphic design and cartography, This includes an analysis of design work through cartographic impulses, an examination of the practice of creating fictional landscapes, and a look at the idea of navigating textural microcosms encapsulated within the surface of design. I compiled all this into a 40-page publication called Texture Mapping, which I printed and assembled using some old-fashioned photocopier and stapler methods.

I've made an initial run of five copies, which you can buy directly from the Streeting Design shop. They come shipped with a set of Streeting Design postcards, and I might make a second printing at some point. You can read all about the project and take a look at the essays in Texture Mapping here in the Writing & Curation section of the site.

May 2015 - Made in Berwyn

This month, I'm happy to announce the release of a new poster based around the iconic Berwyn bungalow. The bungalow is an pretty recognizable architectural form throughout Chicago, and it was particularly popular in early twentieth century Berwyn, known as the City of Homes. Jessica and I bought our bungalow with the intention of modernizing the space while remaining faithful to the historic nature of the design.

To document the house, I created an exploded axonometric rendering of the bungalow, using ink pens and digital coloring and collaging techniques. The house was renovated sometime in the 1960s or 1970s and contains close to a century of updates and additions — the upstairs was converted into three bedrooms and the basement was transformed into two large rooms and a small woodshop, among other things, and my intention was to document the bungalow “as is” before we start drastically changing its architectural form (when we can afford it...). The finished poster demonstrates the surprisingly versatile nature of the bungalow form, as well as a series of bungalow-specific callouts, ranging from furniture and lighting fixtures to snow removal and artwork storage.

There's more information about the project here, and you can buy a beautiful 11” x 17” matte-finish print of the illustration directly from us here.

April 2015 - Robots on Bikes on Shirts

Who doesn't enjoy a nice bike ride every now and then? In April 2015, the little guy you see above was produced as a limited edition T-shirt by the wonderful people over at Cotton Bureau. After a successful run, the shirt's no longer available, so thank you to everyone who bought one. Maybe at some point we'll do a second printing.

January 2015 - Streeting Design is Open for Business

The studio draws on extensive experience with print design, fabrication, motion graphics, web design, branding, and writing. The studio's visual output is deeply connected to music and sound design, through composition, remixes, and soundtrack work, as well as a strong research and curatorial element, through gallery exhibition design, installation work, and conceptual publications, some of which are available to purchase.

This website represents an archive of the past decade's work, and is organized into three sections: Design & Illustration, Writing & Curation, and Music Composition. If you'd like to discuss a potential project, please don't hesitate to get in touch.