P&R DENTAL / UI, web design, and print - 2013-2014

P&R DENTAL / web and print - 2013-2014

P&R Dental Strategies logo design and branding

P&R Dental is a leader in providing informatics for the dental industry, with the goal of increasing transparency and reducing fraudulent insurance claims. The Cubicle Ninjas team helped create sub-brands for two of their products, Pronto and DentaQual. I designed the logos for the two products, based on the tecnical blue aesthetic of the parent P&R brand. I also designed a proposed website for the company, and redesigned the online report card that they offer customers who want to easily evaluate various dental practices. For me, this project offered the chance to apply detailed textured layering to a very practical design problem, incorporating infographics and data representation in the process.

P&R Dental Strategies web design homepage
P&R Dental Strategies web interface UI design