HIGHWAY WARS / custom typeface design - 2010

HIGHWAY WARS / typeface design - 2010

Highway Wars typeface promotional type specimen poster

In early 2009, before I started studying at Cranbrook, I wrote most of an album entitled Highway Wars, which laid the foundation for much of my audio and visual work in the years that followed. An excerpt from my thesis, describing the album: “Highway Wars tracks a physical journey from city to wasteland juxtaposed against a personal, emotional “journey,” representing some sort of search for clarity. The album is full of car imagery, and the vocabulary of cars and journeys smudges from physical reality to symbol and metaphor and back again. With the album, I was dabbling with the concepts of persona, storytelling, and symbolism, all wrapped around the idea of using vehicles, movement, apocalypse, and origin/destination as a way to approach fate, relationships, nostalgia, psychology, and self-actualization.”

In my first year at Cranbrook, I decided to basically channel the idea of Highway Wars into an alphabet. It was an experiment to try and encapsulate an industrial, geometric, apocalyptic aesthetic in a set of letters, and it also served as a sort of personal branding system. The typeface has since appeared in a number of projects, most notably in the credit sequence for Paul Pater's short film Game Reset.

Highway Wars typeface design
Highway Wars typeface promotional type specimen poster