22 POSTER SERIES / gallery exhibition posters - 2012-2013

22 POSTER SERIES / gallery exhibition posters - 2012-2013

22 gallery promotional poster
Hometown: 22 gallery exhibit poster

From December 2011 to April 2013, Jessica Calek and I ran 22, a storefront gallery in Berwyn that focused on the idea of exhibiting primarily design-based work from Berwyn, Chicago, and beyond. Over the span of a year and a half, we organized eight thematic group shows, displaying the work of over a hundred independent artists, designers, and architects in the process.

As well as organizing and curating each show with Jessica, I designed branding systems, informational graphics, and posters for each of the eight shows. These “sub-brands” existed under the parent 22 identity system, but it was important that each had its own identity, bisually and thematically connected to the conceptual and subcontextual basis of each exhibition. For example, the identity for Compression Testing, an exhibit of cardboard work, explored the transitory nature of cardboard as an impermanent medium, used as both a practical shipping material and as a central element in artwork itself.

The overall idea with the 22 poster series was to give each event its own recognizable “feel,” while maintaining and reinforcing the persona of 22 itself. Elements of each poster remain the same from show to show, much like the physical space of the gallery itself, while the rest is completely malleable and able to adapt to each specific show. The overarching 22 identity comes through in the use of detail, texture, and nuance, through the the use of hand-drawn elements, sandpapered text, and other motifs that subtly reoccur from poster to poster.

Compression Testing: 22 gallery exhibit poster
Selected Works: 22 gallery exhibit poster
Blank Page: 22 gallery exhibit poster
The T-Shirt Show: 22 gallery exhibit poster
Night Lights: 22 gallery exhibit poster